As you might have guessed already, offers photos taken outdoors. This inlcudes a wide range, from animals to landscapes, from urban to street.

Although, while looking back, I always shot photos whenever and wherever I've been, it became a more serious part of my life when I started managing websites, for which I needed photos in my role as a content manager. To enhance my skills, I took photography lessons, subscribed to photo magazines, joined groups (on- and offline) and so over the last years the quality of my pictures started improving constantly. This was also due to investments made in better material.

After having used compact cameras during the ancient times of films, I started with a Casio into the world of digital photography before switching quickly to Nikon (a D50 at that time), a brand I'm still using today. Currently I work with a D850 and D500 in combination with several lenses and accessories and still own a D700 as a backup.

I am a member of the FLPA, the Luxembourg federation of artistic photography. has been established as a personal presentation platform of my pictures. The online commercial part (photo sales) is handled via Getty Images and and is subject to their user agreements. Any other business relations are handled via my company PaulMedia [PM], details about it can be found below.

Booking resquests for shootings can simply be sent by e-mail, all other contact details can also be found below. is available on Facebook and Instagram.

Personally, you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram, too, but also on 500px.


I hope you enjoy the photos you find on these different channels!

Yours sincerely,


Paul Krier



PaulMedia [PM]
42, rue des Sources
L-2542 Luxembourg
Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg



Phone: (+352) 661 669 074

Fax:  (+352) 26 430 892

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VAT/TVA ID: LU27398240

RCSL (trade register): A39934